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Dr.'s Choice Fenugreek Chocolate Mix (15s)
Dr.'s Choice Fenugreek Sugar-free Chocolate Drink is the only pre-mixed instant hot chocolate drink with no added sugar. It also contains high soluble fiber from natural herb Fenugreek which is good for gastrointestinal system, it helps in delaying absorption of glucose into the blood stream.
RM 34.90
The fish oil is imported from United Kingdom with source from small fish like sardines and anchovies. HSC Omega-3 Fish Oil goes through at least 3 levels of molecular distillation process and is toxin free. It has the highest strength of Omega-3 - more than double strength. Meaning, its Omega-3 strength from one capsule is stronger than 2 capsules from other brands.
RM 141.50
Dr.'s Choice EasyTime Relaxing Chocolate Drink
Dr.'s Choice EasyTime Relaxing Chocolate Drink contains L-Theanine, an active ingredients found in green tea which may helps relieve stress by inducing relaxing effect without drowsiness during day time and gives a good sleep during night time.
RM 34.90

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